Levi’s hosts Skate The World by Jonathan Mehring at Kingswell

Levi’s presented a first look of the super versatile Spring 2016 Levi’s Skateboarding Collection at Kingswell in Los Angeles on Friday, March 11th, 2016, and the VIP attendees got the first peek at a new short film about a DIY build Levi’s did in New Zealand this past Fall. Following the Levi’s preview, the space opened to the public for a photo show with Jonathan Mehring featuring works from his excellent new National Geographic book, Skate The World.

___IMG_5275 Jonathan Mehring and Jeff Ho. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5215 Sebo Walker & Mark Suciu ride into a golden sunrise, New Delhi, India. Skate The World cover by Jonathan Mehring

___IMG_5334 Patrick Melcher and DJ Chavez. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5261 Children show off their homemade skateboard. Central Highlands, Vietnam. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

___IMG_5296 Greg Hunt and Erik Ellington. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5221 Tony Hawk performs a tuck knee invert at an exhibition celebrating the opening of the Megabi Skate Ramp in Ethiopia. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

___IMG_5285 Bryce Kanights and Jonathan Mehring. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5230 Derrick Wilson – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

__IMG_5266 Justin Strubing, Marius Syvanen, Bryce Kanights. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5228 Jason Dill – Brooklyn, NY – Photo: Jonathan Mehring

__IMG_5289 Jeff Ho, Eric Wolsky, Marius Syvanen. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5232 Van Wastell – Raleigh, NC, full pipe transfer. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

__IMG_5310 Eric Wolsky and Matt Sharkey. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5218 Mark Gonzales, Paris, France. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

__IMG_5210 Matt Sharkey and Bryce Kanights. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5233 Guy Mariano – Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

__IMG_5315 Stevie Perez, Vern Laird, Marius Syvanen. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5222 Joey Pepper. Keelung, Taiwan. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

__IMG_5318 Ragdoll and Melcher. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5216 Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Utah, USA. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

__IMG_5322 Ragdoll, Erik Ellington… Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5227 Kenny Reed. Hong Kong, China. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

__IMG_5326 Tobin Yelland and Bryce Kanights. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5259 Back to the Banks contest at the Brooklyn Banks. NYC – Photo: Jonathan Mehring

_IMG_5207 Skate the World by Jonathan Mehring. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5234 Anthony Pappallardo – Zaragoza, Spain. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

__IMG_5212 Jeff Ho takes in the show and appreciates girls skateboarding by Lizzie Armanto. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5258 Jake Roubideaux arrives on horseback at the Wounded Knee 4-Directions Skatepark in Pine Ridge, S.D. – Photo: Jonathan Mehring

_IMG_5269 Eric shows off the new Levi’s line. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5267 Jake Johnson – Rotterdam, Holland. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

_IMG_5276 Mehring autographs. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5220 Jack Sabback – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

_IMG_5292 Greg Hunt, Eric Wolsky, Marius Syvanen. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5223 At the Megabi Skate Ramp, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, four-year-old “President Dougy” wants to be president in 30 years. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

_IMG_5303 Kingswell crowd. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5224 Dylan Rieder – La Paz, Bolivia. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

_IMG_5300 Bryce Kanights and Dennis Mcgrath. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5226 Sean Malto – New Delhi, India. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

_IMG_5306 Kingswell crew. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5229 A businessman eyes skateboarders and a mobile skate shop – Astor Place, NYC – Photo: Jonathan Mehring

_IMG_5253 Jeff Ho guilty of being in the right place at the right time. Photo by Dan Levy

_IMG_5231 Bobby Worrest – La Paz, Bolivia. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Monster Children & Levi’s Skateboarding Present: Skateboarding In Christchurch

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