Jeff Ho Zephyr P.O.P. Photo Exhibit at the new Zephyr Shop in Los Angeles

The Jeff Ho Zephyr P.O.P. Photo Exhibit, Friday, Feb. 19, 2016, debuted a secret vault of photography shot by Jeff Ho, the godfather and founder of the revolutionary Zephyr skate team, the Z-Boys, which highlights the culture of surfing and skateboarding, as well as iconic landmarks and tools of the trade. Family and friends came out to celebrate the opening of Jeff’s new studio and spend a few rare hours in the vortex of creativity. Every wall was comfortably occupied by impacting images and treasured surf/skate memorabilia. VIPS in attendance included: Pete Hilton (Hilton Guitars), Carlos Baiza (FDR), Anthony Friedkin (photographer extraordinaire), Libby Knudsen (Ranch N Roll), Betty Ho (Jeff’s mom), Bennett Harada (Santa Monica Airlines), Tuma Britton (SMA/Dogtown), Red, the Kehoe’s and a crew of Zephyr team riders, Terri Craft, Dan Levy (Juice Magazine), Mary Nelson and Craig Gore (Exec Story Editor “Chicago P.D.”), and Chuck Katz (photographer/cinematographer).

When: Friday, February 19, 2016, 6-10pm

Where: Jeff Ho Zephyr Shop

3791 Boise St, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Event photos by Dan Levy

IMG_4894 Ocean Park

IMG_4895 P.O.P. 13 Jeff Ho Zephyr

IMG_4897 P.O.P. Zephyr tat

IMG_4898 Jeff Ho in front of his shaping room in Hawaii with art show poster from Christine Nichols Project show.

IMG_4899 Z-Boys team shot with Zephyr ad in Juice Magazine

IMG_4900 One of the earliest Zephyr ads from the ’70s.

IMG_4901 Original Zephyr skateboard prototype.

IMG_4903 V.B.W.L. canvas painting by Jeff Ho

IMG_4904 Zephyr denim on display.

IMG_4893 Blake Myers, 4th generation P.O.P. Ocean Park doing an ollie. Shot by Jeff Ho

IMG_4905 Jeff at work in the shaping room

IMG_4920 Jeff Ho and Mary Nelson

IMG_4931 Jeff Ho and Raimund Kallee

IMG_4934 Jeff, Red and family

IMG_493911copy Craig Gore and Mary Nelson

IMG_4948 Locals Only

Christine Hale and the Vintage Zephyr tee she designed Christine Hale and a vintage Zephyr t-shirt

Dorothy Fong and Pete Hilton Dorothy Fong and Pete Hilton

IMG_4958 Wyatt and Jeff

IMG_4959 Jeff and the ladies

IMG_4961 Jeff Ho and Anthony Friedkin

IMG_4965 Jeff Ho and crew

Da Dunlop bros. Da Dunlop bros.

IMG_4970 Carlos Baiza and Jeff Ho

IMG_4972 Jeff Ho and Pete Hilton


20160219_0000 Terri Craft

20160219_0001 Jeff Ho Zephyr Studio

20160219_0007_Jeff_Ho_Zephyr_P.O.P._Photo_Exhibit Kehoe, Jeff Ho and Raimund Kallee

20160219_0005_Terri_Baiza Terri Craft (Juice Magazine) and Carlos Baiza (FDR)

20160219_0003_Jeff_Ho_Zephyr_Shop Jeff Ho Zephyr Studio

20160219_0004 Jeff Ho Zephyr Studio

20160219_0006 Dan Levy, Terri Craft and Raimund Kallee

Jeff Ho P.O.P. 187 Exhibit II – Mar Vista Art Walk

When: Thursday, March 3, 2016, 6-10pm

Where: Jeff Ho Zephyr Shop

3791 Boise St, Los Angeles, CA 90066


Jeff Ho celebrated the Mar Vista Walk Art with a special evening with friends at his new studio in Los Angeles.

_IMG_5030 Jeff Ho and The Shrine

_IMG_5039 The Shrine catch up on some reading

_IMG_5049 Surf disciples

_IMG_5051 Jeff Ho holds court

_IMG_5071 Some of these surfers came all the way from New Zealand.

_IMG_5076 Jeff Ho Zephyr Studio

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