July 10, 2005
Presented By 4star and Val Surf
5K On The Line
Val Surf Valencia
25950 The Old Road
Valencia, CA, 91381
661 222 7288

Invite List: Eric Koston, Daewon Song, Ronnie Creager, Brandon Biebel, Rob Welsh, PJ Ladd, Joey Brezinski, Chris Roberts (you’re over europe), Marc Johnson, Chico Brenes, Kenny Anderson, Jeron Wilson, Stevie Williams, Devine Calloway, Brian Anderson, Justin Eldridge, Geoff Rowley, Andrew Reynolds, Ricardo Carvalho, Javier Nunez, Darrell Stanton, Jereme Rogers, Ryan Gallant, Evan Hernandez, Shiloh Greathouse, Chris Cole, Mark Appleyard, Torey Pudwill, Mike York, Justin Schulte, Weston Correa, Mike Carroll, Mike Taylor, Van Wastell, Daniel Castillo…

It all started with the glitch in the system. This glitch deriving from the marketing chaos of our skateboarding world. Our skateboarding world that has developed into a pulsating empire thriving on hammers and bangers. Thus, Hubba Free Sunday was created to bring back the essence of style.

This creation was a Hubba Free Success as our viewing audience of an estimated 3,000 kids watched on in pure amazement as they were enlightened by the presence of such class acts as Mike York, Eric Koston, Joey Brezinski, Danny Gonzales, Jeron Wilson, Daniel Castillo, Andre Genovesi, Justin Schulte, Chico Brenes, Torey Pudwill, Aaron Snyder, Rob Welsh, Jereme Rogers, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Geoff Rowley, Lance Mountain, Kenny Anderson, Spike Jonze, Guy Mariano, Joey Suriel, Remy Stratton, Danny Montoya, Nate Sherwood, Wee-Man, Aaron Kyro, Weston Correa, Justin Eldridge, Mike Barker, Ricardo Carvalho, Devine Callaway, Reese Forbes, Evan Hernandez, Javier Nunez, and many many more. Plus, the kids were overwhelmed with an over abundance of giveaways and games from Val Surf’s supporters and friends including 4star, Girl, Chocolate, Diamond, Royal, Listen, NHS Dist., Volcom, Quiksilver, Krew, Lakai, Matix, DVS, Vestal, Nixon, Hurley, Sector 9, O’neill, We, Spy, Electric, Ruca, DC, Vans, Burton, Analog, Never Summer, Globe, Ogio, Juice Mag, Transworld, Thrasher, Fuel TV, Oakley, Fallen, The Skateboard Mag, Crailtap, Es, Emerica, Da Kine, Stussy, Circa, Ezekiel, and Red Bull. Big Thanks To These Skaters and Companies For Making This An Amazing, Annual, and Successful Event. I couldn’t have done it without your support and faith.

Special Thanks:
Hime- Thank You for being the voice of the event and waking me up in the parking lot at 6:45 am with your loud speaker and some Mike Jones. I love the smell of lumber and the sounds of Mike Jones in the morning!!!

Jason Seitz- Thank You for waking me up as well.

Mike Carroll, Greg Carroll, Nick Tershay, Guy Mariano, Joey Suriel, Aaron Meza, Lance Mountain, Sam Smyth, and Kelly Bird- Thank You for judging.

Mike Carroll- Thank You for writing down each and every trick on a cardboard box.

Rick Howard and Spike Jonze- Thank You for hanging with us in the shade.

Jay Lightburne- Thank You For the encouraging words after the event.

Andy Jenkins- Thank You for the Hubba Free artwork!!!

Thomas Mulvane- Thank You for your hard work on our artwork!!!

Shane Blackbourne- Thank You for heading up security, manualing the pad on a shopping cart, and for dumping the cooler on me in celebration of a great event. The ice-cold water actually felt real good!!!

Victor Vasquez and Ben- Thank You for the tunes.

Amy Koch, Chad Reed, and Jeff Regis- Thank You for giving the skaters a second wind with a bonus $2k and all the Red Bull they could drink.

Mike Roetke- Thank You for building the street course and having to deal with my anal specs.

Lyndon Cabellon, Kelly Bird, and Seumas Santoro – Thank You for hooking up Mike with some Lakai’s to skate in.

Jeron Wilson, Chico Brenes, Mike York, Daniel Castillo, Joey Brezinski, Justin Eldridge, Shiloh Greathouse, Guy Mariano, Andre Genovesi, Ricardo Carvalho, Weston Correa, Justin Schulte, and Brandon Thompson- Thank You For Backing Me Everyday!!!

Josh Cadena, Ryder Sloane, Nigel Alexander, Seuh Trihn, Chris Ortiz, 411, Thrasher, Transworld, Fuel TV, The Skateboard Mag, Juice Mag, Thomas Mulvane, Denise Richards, and Nate Kauffman- Thank You for documenting the event!!!

Matt Stroup, Thomas Mulvane, and Tom Martin- Thank You for dealing with my crap when it comes to updating our website.

Kay Richards- Thank You for my much needed Onion Bagel, Tomato, Onion, Cream Cheese, and Lox.

Johnny Goss, and Blake Richards- Thank You for being my laborers for the past 3 days.

Damon Richards, Chris Duffy, and Kurt Richards- Thank You for building our most beautiful store yet.

Mark Richards- Thank You for believing in me.

Monica Gonzalez- Thank You for being the best person in my life and putting up with my grumpy sleep deprived tired ass for the last couple of weeks. Love Ya!

Jason Callaway- Thank You for being my backbone.

1st.Place Aaron Snyder: Frontside 180 to fakie manual to fakie 360 flip out ! – $5000

Tied for 2nd Courtesy Of Red Bull!!!
Joey Brezinski: kickflip nose manual to nollie heel out ! – $1000
Danny Gonzales: kickflip body variel to one-footed manual ! – $1000

Thanks Again Everyone and Anticipate Another Big Event In The Very Near Future!!!
To Be Announced!!!

Brandon Richards
Marketing/Team Manager
















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