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Decades ago, the fight for a world class skatepark began in Venice, California. Even though various movies had been made about Dogtown and the Z-Boys and the birthplace of modern day skateboarding, Venice still had no public facility made for skateboarding. The battle was on and corporate giants were conquered and, with the assistance of Jesse Martinez, Geri Lewis, the Venice Skateboarding Association, the local skate community, the Coastal Commission, the City of Los Angeles and many other concerned citizens, every hurdle was cleared. In 2009, after years of struggle, the goal was finally reached and Venice had its first public skatepark. It was a moment of pure victory after many years of hard work.

Now after six years, Venice is home to one of the most well-attended and widely-used parks in the world, yet we have entered a new era of struggle. As the community formed a variety of activist groups and the Venice Skateboarding Association morphed and regrouped and then splintered into different divisions, the reality remains. Jesse Martinez has been cleaning and maintaining the Venice Skatepark every day since it opened. He continues to do what he considers his duty of providing a safe, clean environment for skateboarders in Venice. As of today, he is still out there doing his part to keep the park in good shape no matter what.

It’s time for everyone to step up. Jesse is vital to not only cleaning the park, but to maintaining it too. You see Venice is based on respect, and you have to earn that respect every day here. Jesse has the respect of the neighborhood and when he calls for action, he gets it.

Jesse Martinez and a small crew of locals have been maintaining the Venice Skatepark since it opened for FREE. This grassroots community effort deserves every accolade and much gratitude and it’s time for you to pay it forward and lend a hand. Jesse needs your help now. Contact your local city official and pledge your support for Jesse Martinez and then follow this link and make a contribution to the cause.

Check out this video of Jesse explaining the story in his own words and see what motivates the locals to keep up the great work.


Donate to the Venice Skatepark Fund at

A message from Dave Fowler

Hi Everybody,

I am writing this on behalf of our friend Jesse Martinez with the V.S.A. He is the one who has been cleaning and maintaining the Venice Skatepark for the past 5 1/2 years, along with the help of a few other loyal friends.

About six months ago, the City of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation decided to make some cuts, and killed their deal with the V.S.A. They offered Jesse a job as a city employee to clean the park. He filled out an application about 4 months ago and since then, the City has just left him hanging. In the meantime he has been cleaning the park without any financial backing. He does get some donations, but usually it’s just enough to get things going.

A few weeks ago the truck that Jesse uses to clean and maintain the park was stolen. Since then he has been using his family car to take care of the park. He gets up at 3:00 am in the morning to come down to Venice and clean the park so he can get back to downtown L.A. by 7:15 am, so that he can take his kids to school. The police recently recovered the truck, but it is not salvageable.

On May 19, 2015, the Venice community stepped up and got together with “Worlds Best Graffiti Removing Supply” and donated all the supplies to clean the park. We also want to thank Elroy’s Pressure Washing Co. for donating their time. It was a great turnout! There were at least 20 volunteers that showed up and the park looks brand new! We are hoping that the City will eventually come through with a paying job for Jesse. Until then, he will continue to take care of the park with all of our help.

It’s time that the community steps up and helps out. If you are from Venice and care about this place, or if you are new to Venice, you should know that this skate park is an important part of our culture and lifestyle. We need a clean, safe place where we can send our kids to go skate. This money will help Jesse get a new vehicle, as well as maintaining the equipment and the constant demand for cleaning supplies.

The Venice Skatepark is important! It keeps our younger generations out of trouble and gives them a healthy positive outlet to focus their energy on. It teaches them that with focus, determination, and perseverance, they can accomplish anything! Let’s provide them with a clean place where they can go. Lets lead them, and teach them by example. Please step up and help Jesse Martinez and the Venice Skate park. The time is NOW!



Fox News Channel 11 KTTV in Los Angeles News Item:

Fox News just finished up a piece with Jesse Martinez at the Venice Skate Park. Check it out.


LA Weekly coverage of the Venice Skatepark Opening in 2009.



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