Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

Fun Fun Fun Fest,  Austin, TEXAS, Auditorium Shores, November 8-10, 2013

This year marked the eighth year for this gathering of souls, who were to endure three days of music, art, skate, the 50/50 Art Show, Steve Olson body painting, (Yes that wasn’t a Type-O. Steve Olson Body Painting. It was classic) Anarchy Championship Wrestling, a vert Demo on Matt Hoffman’s ramp, music from all genres from King Khan to Slayer. This was a Festival that lives up to its billing. Fun Fun Fun Fest gets

its name from the ’80s legendary Texas skate rock, Hollywood swinging Big Boys song! Big props goes to Brent Humphreys and Project Loop for bringing in the Skate/BMX to the FFFFest. The place was our kind of playground. Speerco Skateparks put the mini-ramp together, with a few extensions. A killer vert hollowed out wave extension caught everyone’s attention. Every day there was some sort of cash for tricks. Texas skate brands who sponsored the cash give away were Entropy Skateboards, No Comply Skateshop and Embassy Skateboards. A lot of cool shit went down on the mini ramp, Raney, Reeves, Cody, Ben, Collin, Will, Mike Kelly, Hollywood, and a slew of others invaded the playground, as they served up “Eggs to Fakie”, “One footed Sad Plants”, “Tail stomping body jars”, “Frontside Inverts”, every lip trick in the book. Everybody had to do a “Texas Plant” during one of the sessions. At one point it looked like a Texas Battle Royale.

The artwork on the ramp was total Tim Kerr style. Seeing Kerr and Olson running around the place was classic. Most of the Texas Embassy crew came out to represent, John Gibson,  Craig Johnson, Todd Prince, Ken Fillion, Ben Johnson and Collin Graham. There’s a lot of history here, but I was mostly stoked on Collin Graham, and I’m just not saying that because he’s my “God Son”. The kid from Windsor Woods in Virginia Beach took no prisoners. He killed it every session! Mini-ramp, vert ramp… it doesn’t matter! The Entropy Crew was well represented with Jon Comer leading the charge. Everyday at 3:00 the vert Gods would appear. Sergie Ventura, PLG, Elliot Sloan, Lester Kasai and a slew of others, along with Matt Hoffman’s BMX crew who entertained the crowd, which was in the thousands. Those BMX dudes are whacked!! Sergie did his first Texas Plant on the vert. PLG, what can you say. Putting your body on the line everytime.  Todd Prince almost got in the ring during the Anarchy Wrestling Championships, but security and Austin P.D. stopped him. We had the crowd chanting “Put him in. Put him in!” You had to be there. It was three days of fun, fun, fun!!

The music had an insane line-up from Snoop Dogg to Cro-Mags, to Flag, Descendents, Misfits, Sub Humans, Ice-T, Body Count, Unlocking the Truth… the list goes for days…three days!!! All topped off with Slayer on a brisky Sunday night at Auditorium Shores in Austin, Texas. Being able to skate under the clear Texas sky while Flag and Keith Morris are singing classics like “Six Pack”, “TV Party Tonight” and “Rise Above”. Then the next night do the same for Descendents with “Loser”,  “Hope”. Then top it off with Slayer and Reign in Blood, (I don’t think too many peeps were skating during the last set of the night). I don’t know how we can top off this year’s musical line-up, but being from Texas, I can promise you it will be bigger and better.

Remember the code, ‘What happens in Texas, stays in Texas.’ Good thing we didn’t come for vacation and leave on probation. That’s all I can really say about it. Save the date next year. Remember the Alamo!!

Written By: Snake Run


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  • nate December 8, 2013

    TEXAS RALLY!!!!!!


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