Zebidy Tank of Drop Tank

Chick fronted bands that can maintain a good sound and not lose their identity to some kind of shrieking banshee possession are few and far between, but we found one. Aussie rockers Drop Tank use Zebidy Tanks vocal restraint to their advantage by letting her hit it when she should and pumping hard when she can’t. Like ketchup to a hot dog, Zebidy’s vocals compliment each track. Give her a listen and see what you think. Definitely a band to watch develop.


With their newest CD release (Domina, April 2012), Drop Tank is prepared to take the world by storm, one stage at a time. Fusing wickedly fast and flawless guitar riffs with original lyrics given voice by front woman Zebidy, Drop Tank has created a unique sound with a passion for music that is unparalleled.

Dubbed the “princess of punk rock”, Zebidy Tank displays an amazing vocal range and raw charisma that makes each live show an experience that is unforgettable. Drawing inspiration from rock greats such as Mike Patton, AC/DC, Dead Kennedys, and Motorhead, Drop Tank creates a frenzy of punk and metal with a dark pop twist, breathing new, furious life into the rock genre.

In step with her down-to-earth personality, Zebidy describes the latest incarnations of her music as “connected to the initial frantic energy that spawns them”. With a serious passion for playing live, the title of their latest CD, “Domina” seems appropriately fitting for Drop Tank’s phenomenal front woman.

Originally from Australia, Zebidy Tank has been thrilling fans of punk since 2008. Playing to enormous audiences in her native Sydney, such as playing the 21 stage event at The Underground Channel Party, and thrilling fans everywhere by playing large venues such as The Gaelic Club and the Oxford Arts Factory.

Punk fans from Australia to the United States are captivated by her intense stage presence and raw vocals, backed by a punk rock band like no other. Get a preview of “Domina” at or download at

Zebidy Tank

A native of Sydney, Australia, Drop Tank’s charismatic lead vocalist was working as a bartender when she met her future band mates. With raw, emotion-packed lyrics and a stage presence that can only be described as furiously charismatic, Zebidy is more than ready to wear the title, “the Princess of Punk Rock”.

For more information about Zebidy and to listen to tracks from Drop Tank’s latest CD at: and

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