“I was told some extremely sad news today… One of the true pioneers of Modern skateboarding has passed away… Don Waldo Autry … This was one of my favorite skateboarders, and influenced me more than I can put into words. His spirit and all out wildman attitude was beyond most. I’m sorry this is how it’s going down today… but that’s how life is… Waldo, I always enjoyed seeing you, and getting to know you as a friend… You will be missed, and never forgotten in my life… This truly sucks…” – WORDS BY STEVE OLSON





  • Lynne January 25, 2013

    I am very sad. He was my friend.

  • Sue January 26, 2013

    Waldo, A man of many tallents. All those nights partying in my garage, karioke, darts, ping pong, Drums, doing my hair, I even sponsored you on one Luge competition, where I met Digger. I was going to call you this week and make an appointment for my hair…..I can’t believe this….I never knew you to be angry or mad. You always made the best of things and truned negative into positive. But damn you for hitting those hay bails right in front of me! The’ wall dance’ to let everyone know you were all right! You clocked it at 53 miles an hour on that planned wipe out. Love, Sue

  • Monique January 26, 2013

    I found out on Thursday, and I’m devastated. Met Waldo about 5 years ago at Ckancy’s. The friendliest of the friendly people in Seal Beach. He was always smiling and happy to see me. He always made me feel important. I was probably the only one that called him by his real name – Don. I was looking forward to seeing him tonight for poker night at a mutual friends house..
    A couple years ago, he was so excited to show me that Tunnel had re-released a limited amount of his pro board. He told me all about his glory days as a pro skater, and even about his personal life. He gave me a lot of good advice. I learned a lot from him amid will never forget him.

  • Kelly Mahon January 30, 2013

    Whoa this dude is so gnarly. True skateboard history -when Dogtown was learning click clack’s this guy was shralping the Vermont drop (the Funnel) at full speed….L F D Y

  • Murf February 2, 2013

    Waldo,trust me is reading everyone of your comments……just asking himself where are ALL the other girl’s comments………you were one of the good ones baby, miss u

  • Tamela February 23, 2013

    Just got home from the paddle out and service on the beach for Don. It was a beautiful event ….just the way Don would have it. All of his closest friends telling great stories about their experiences with this energetic, innovative, sensitive, devoted man I will miss dearly. He had tremendous appreciation for the simple things in life, things you couldn’t buy like bitchin’ sunsets and beautiful evenings in Southern California. I will miss his forever grinding gears, whether it was pimping out his bike, designing a skateboard, or creating a new cartoon based on all the characters in the hair salon. I loved his committment , not only to his own cause, but to mine and I’m sure to any friend along his colorful path. You could always count on Don to be a full supporter!!! I’m so grateful for having had the pleasure of spending time with such a classy man and to give him a place to call home where inevitably he left this world. Love you Don, rest in peace my friend, the struggle is over!!

  • SherryLou February 26, 2013

    Dear Waldo ,
    You always came back to me

    Your passion especially when you were on a misson was nothing less than inspiring, everyone loved /loves that about you

    back in the late eighty s the temperatures soared
    that entire summer broke records _

    Like the gods were in on it
    We were doing sales together at the house
    Staying up painting signs all night
    Then we had enough made you’d take off on your skateboard with your arms full of painted signs with hammer ,nails , duct tape, staple gun, whatever it would take to get them up.. Knowing ahead of time most would be stolen ,, those signs were great art painted flames , you were good at flames,, I painted words with neon day glo
    ..The LA Times came and took pictures of our signs and then found our sale and took pics of us and the photo tog was going to do a story on us..

    I don’t know if he ever did _prolly didn’t

    Our sales were a Hhappening ,no joke, because of you, that kinetic energy fueled the fire, then when people would stop coming we’d know it was time to go put more signs up coz they got stolen again..I bet we made 150 signs that summer. Once you dressed all cRaZy and went over to Tommy’s and brought back some new customers…

    It was getting dark and we still had a ton of crap so you found some Christmas lights in a box and strung them up in the trees.. It was so pretty,, It was Midnight Madness in a HeatWave,but my hair looked fantastic the whole

    Sorry if I’m repeating my old stories again.and you ve heard it before its one f my favorites of you.. Back then We were kids on the brink of we didn’t know what ..much love , Sherry


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