Chaos in the Kitchen: Recipes from Punk Rockers

Chaos in the Kitchen

The last thing you probably think about when you’re listening to Punk Rock is food recipes, however, if you’ve been on tour as many times as the bands featured in this new book “Chaos in the Kitchen”, you will have put some thought into it. From drinks to snacks and starters to main dishes and even desserts, you can now nourish your punk rock self in the kitchen before the show. You can do things like play “My War” and make Black Bowl by Chuck Dukowski of Black Flag or whip up a Real Fucking Good Milkshake by Murray Acton of Dayglo Abortions. The combos are aplenty and your stomach will thank you. Chaos in the Kitchen is currently shipping. Check out the press release below for more info.

Absolute Press is proud to release ‘Chaos in the Kitchen’, a collection of recipes from some of Punk Rock’s best cooks. Over 50 recipes from all your favorite punk rock bands! Pre-Order Chaos in the Kitchen, the punk rock cookbook TODAY! Ships first week in December just in time for Xmas.

Recipes by Band


Bonus Cup by Milo Aukerman – Decendents
Real Fucking Good Milkshake by Murray Acton – Dayglo Abortions
Tapache by Crazy Steve Goof – Bunchofuckingoofs
Ramos Fizz by East Bay Ray – Dead Kennedys
Snacks / Starters

Clams and Mussels Rampage by Randy Rampage – DOA
Chi Fried Frog Legs by Chi Pig – SNFU
Korean Chicken Wings by Ginger Coyote – White Trash Debutantes
The Mountain Wizard’s Ghoulash by Tony Foresta – Municipal Waste / Iron Reagan
Empanadas by Rene D’La Muerte – The Brains
Winter Vegetable Soup by Jock Blythe – GBH
Absolute Salsa by Willy Jak – Dayglo Abortions
Bruce’s Loose Nuts by Bruce Calderwood – Flipper
Buttermilk and Fried Cornbread by Jayne Country – Electric Chairs
Basil Garlic Dressing by D. H. Peligro – Dead Kennedys / Red Hot Chili Peppers
Guacamole by Dave Smalley – ALL / Dag Nasty / Down by Law
Gazpacho by Andy Shernoff – The Dictators
Big Boy Beans by Tim Kerr – The Big Boys
Gor-Gor Eggs by Balsac the Jaws of Death – GWAR
Main Dishes

Stuffed French Toast by Flash – Portrait of Poverty
Lemon Crepes by Paul Gott – The Ripcordz
Black Bowl by Chuck Dukowski – Black Flag
My Mom’s Potato Tacos by Rikk Agnew – Adolescents / Christian Death / D.I.
Stovetop Tuna Casserole by Texas Terri – Flesh Eaters
Livin & Lovin Avocado Salad by Dave Dictor – MDC
Zippy’s Sloppy Joe Sauce by Blaine Cook – The Accused
Grilled Cheese and Pepper by Tony Adolescent – Adolescents
Food Stamp Delight by Boom King – Boom and the Legion of Doom / The Idiots / Crucifix
Dog Bowl by Brandon Cruz – Dr. Know
Ramen Magnifico by Dexter Holland – The Offspring
Horse Cock Gumbo Poopa by Tesco Vee – The Meatmen
Metis Spaghetti by Doug Doughnut – Death Sentence
Dr. Roadkill’s Lasagna by Danny Thompson – Sloppy Seconds
Criminal Cajun Chicken and Hot Corn by Billy Hopeless – Black Halos
Bermondsey Joyrider Baked Bean Buster by Gary Lamin – Cock Sparrer
Mom’s Meatballs by Vinny Stigma – Agnostic Front
Jambalaya by Earl Liberty – Circle Jerks / Saccharine Trust
Thanksgiving or Christmas Roast Turkey by Steven Leckie & Viva Viletone – The Viletones
Eggplant Parmesan by Aldine Strychnine – Poison Idea
Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms by Shawn Stern – Youth Brigade
Steamed Artichoke by Paul Bakija – Reagan Youth
Chicken Fried Steak by Felix Griffin – DRI / Bat
Moroccan Honey Almond Chicken by Chris Kontos – Attitude Adjustment
Curried Goat by Mickey Desadist – Forgotton Rebels
Angry Sam Salmon by Greg Turner – Angry Samoans
Seitan Kebab with Chilli and Garlic Sauce by Kieran Plunkett – The Restarts
Red Chili by David Barbee – Red Chill / The Freeze
Rat Scabie Chili by Rat Scabies – The Damned
Jimmy’s Coleslaw by Jimmy Crucifix – Crucifix / Proudflesh
My God Damn Potato Salad by Scotty Wilkin – Verbal Abuse / Hollywood Hate
All-Purpose Marinade by Jesus Bonehead – Dayglo Abortions
Barbequed Yardbird by David Quinton Steinberg – Stiv Bators
Headstone BBQ Ribs by Hugh Dillon – Headstones / Hard Core Logo


Very Berry Pudding by Ray of Today – Youth of Today / Shelter
Vodka and Tangerine Jelly by Peter Bywaters – Peter & the Test Tube Babies
Deep Fried Twinkie by Dean Carls – The Mentors / General Bastard
Banana Cake by Drew Kietley – Random Killing
Death by Chocolate Cake by Terry ‘Tez’ Bones – Discharge / Broken Bones

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