ADRENALIN O.D., The Wacky Hi- Jinks of… (Chunksaah Records) A.O.D. was one of those epic punk/ hardcore bands that really got overlooked by the so-called historians of that scene. Hailing from New Jersey in the late 70’s, they took a blistering approach to their rock, faster and more melodic then many of their contemporaries. This is a 2 CD reissue of their earlier albums plus some great bonus material.

BISON B.C., Quiet Earth (MetalBlade Records) This burned CD came to us with markered writing on it, and guess what? They ‘re badass. They play a real heavy stepped-up stoner rock sound, powerful riffage with amazing vocals. They seem to be doing pretty well these days, I looked ’em up and BISON B.C. is on Metal Blade now.

BLOWBACK, Drug War 7-inch (Spring Break) Blowback brings a strong political message to their rock. I felt a strong link to M.D.C. and The Dead Kennedys, good music with a positive message. One song is sung in Spanish.

FOR THE WORSE / OUT COLD, s/t 7-inch record (Kangaroo Records, Even Worse Records) These two Boston area bands record came out on two labels from the Netherlands. Interesting. F.T.W. play obnoxious hardcore that’s done to perfection, 5 songs on one side of a 7 inch. Out Cold have been killing it for years, and they come thru on this as always.

MIKE AND THE RAVENS, Noisy Boys! The Saxony Sessions (Zoho Roots) First off Mike and the Ravens started in 1960 in upstate New York. They disbanded in 1962 after doing jail time for disorderly conduct! They reformed 45 years later to make this album. Sounds like real heavy garage rock, which sounds like old punk rock. Timeless rock that sounds mint today.

THE ONES, Ones Demo
Just because the singer, Sloppy Sam, got the cover of Juice a few years ago doesn’t mean he has a good band. The fact that he builds the best parks in New England and has a pool in his yard doesn’t either. The Ones aren’t a good band, they’re a great band. Think epic classic punk with great sarcastically genius lyrics. Check out the 2 songs in Thrasher’s Brutality.

PANZERBASTARD, s/t 7-inch record (Fighting Boys Records)
Hailing from Boston, these black metal heads blast off with a brutal Motorhead meets Celtic Frost hell sound. If “white knuckle hellride” doesn’t make you want to smash pool coping, you should quit skating! This 4-song 7-inch delivers the goods.

RAZORS IN THE NIGHT, Hated by many… (Horror Business) These guys do a cool old school oi sound that gets stepped up and sped up; giving them a kill hardcore sound. You’ll hear the classic gang vocal, oi march part, and then…. bam! An elaborate time change occurs. My favorite song on the album is called hipster holocaust… excellent record!

REIGN SUPREME, American Violence (Malfunction Records) Reign Supreme is a rip your face off hardcore band from Philly. Gang vocals, instant stops, heavy breakdowns, and brutal mosh parts. These guys are very pissed, listen with caution – this band will make you smash things in your room.

ROWDY ONES / SHRED BUNDY, Self titled split 7-inch record (Party Time) The Rowdy Ones are from Mass. And New Hampshire, Shred Bundy are from New York City. Both bands do insano thrash punk from hell; the musicianship is incredible by both bands. The R.O.’s singer- Scully, is a great skater, mid 20s but skates like he’s 40, a rare breed.

SORCERER, Digital Leather (Goner) Sorcerer is really weird. Like Devo, in space. The first half of the album is all-synthed out electronic jam outs, while the second half has live performances with a full band. Very original and cool rock.

SUMMONING HATE, Fire upon Us (Suicidal Priest Records)
What happens when death metal psychos move to Boston from Honduras and Guatemala? You get a wicked heavy, pure unadulterated death metal sound that would make Glen from Deicide reburn the Trifixion into his forehead. If you want to see them on tour they’re skipping the U.S. and going straight to South America. These dudes do it right.

TODAY IS THE DAY, Axis of Eden (Supernova) Today is the Day has been together for nearly twenty years. In that time, Steve Austin, the bands leader, has created an uncompromising sound that delivers like Jeff Grosso’s lean to tails. T.I.T.D.’s rock is indefinable, moments blast from brutal blast beat insanity to pure psychedelic mayhem. Axis of Eden brings reality to modern music and modern times.

TRUSTY, Demo re-release (DC-Jam Records) This is a twenty-year re-release of Trusty’s demo. This is the same band that had a few releases on Dischord back in the day. This “demo” is punk as hell. In the old days, punk scenes popped up all over America, Trusty’s home of Little Rock is no exception. Guess what bands like Trusty did? They practiced, they got good, and they made good original punk rock, without being overly influenced by what was mainstream in the scene.

The cover has a demon blasting a frontside invert on a tombstone on the cover, so how could it not be sick. U.W.T. is from Minneapolis and Disrobe is from Chicago. This is cool; I haven’t heard too many skate punk bands that have such an evil-ass crust-punk sound. My band played with U.W.T.’s in Brooklyn last summer. One week later, the singer was killed at a show, for defending a woman who was being assaulted. Chris J. R.I.P.

FANG, American Nightmare (Wingnut Records) Fang sums up the brutal reality of our tormented lives in this decaying society, twists it, and shoves it back down our throats. Sammy Town’s combination of brutal honesty and sarcastic humor never gets tiring. Its funny, on the East Coast, people don’t know about Fang unless they skate, it’s weird. If they do know Fang it’s the Landshark album from back in the day. I encourage anyone who doesn’t have American Nightmare to drop everything, and go buy, borrow, or steal this record… You’ll thank me…!

JUICE BOOK OF THE punks club
“Diary of a Punk” by Mike Hudson- (Tuscarora) This book is the missing link, so to speak, of the lives and inflections of an era of punk when the rules and paths were being written and rewritten on a daily basis. The Pagans indulged in every aspect of life and engaged society with their “fuck you” attitudes. Mike Hudson takes you through a no-holds-barred recount of the brutal, violent, sex-filled underground world of the Pagans.


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