Jeff Grosso Love Letters to Skateboarding HISTORY OF FAKIE AND SWITCH BY GROSSO In another installation from Grosso dissects the origins of the Fakie and Switch with pros Eddie Elguera and Salman Agah. Enjoy Season 3 Episode 5 below. / Read More
Jeff-Grosso FALLEN BROTHERS Jeff Grosso pays tribute to some of skateboarding's most beloved fallen rollers in this episode of the Letters. Rip In Peace: Andy Kessler, Curtis Hsaing, Phil Shao, Matt Neeley, Jeff Philips, Tim Brauch, Shane Cross, Joe Lopes, Ben Pappas, Justin Pierce, Read More
TOM SIMS MEMORIAL PADDLE OUT TOM SIMS MEMORIAL PADDLE OUT Santa Barbara, September 12, 2012, Tom Sims, the Sultan of Snowboards, exits at age 61, due to a massive heart attack. Tom first came on the skateboard scene at the Santa Barbara City Skateboard Championships in 1975, racing down Shoreline Drive on the Read More
Malibu Film Festival 2012 MALIBU FILM FESTIVAL The Malibu film festival is just around the corner on September 22 & 23! Join the celebration of the independent spirit in Malibu as US and International filmmakers are honored. Check the schedule below. Go to for more information. Read More
Sparrow, Nosepick. PHOTO - Brady Walsh BURNSIDE: Sparrow


Brady Walsh hit us up with some photos from Burnside. Just going to wet your appetite with these ones of Sparrow. Stay tuned for a full feature next week.

JONATHAN “JONO” SCHWAN Interview with Jonathan “Jono” Schwan Interview by Tony Gazzana from Coffee Exchange in Colorado Springs, CO. August 7, 2012 at Woodward Skate Camp in Pennsylvania Whats up, Jono? How are things at Woodward so far? Well, they lost my luggage, Read More
Matthew Call Pleasing the Crowd. Photo: Dan Levy Double Decker Am Jam 2012 Double Decker Am Jam 2012 From Florida to Philly, some of the best Ams on the right coast descended upon Double Decker Skatepark in Fayetteville, NC, for two days to compete for $5,000 in cash and prizes at the 2012 Am Jam. The heat index outside Read More
Photo - A. Maldonado O’MAHONEY MONDAYS: GORILLA GRIP Before the kicktail, the only way to launch was to grab the board with your toes and take it with you. Thus "gorilla grip" was the name for air travel. In this picture circa 1975, Steve Shipp, one of the premiere flyers of the time hops my melon while Read More

Dave Duncan is everywhere. One of the frequent flyers of skateboarding, he can be seen at contests and openings on the international stage. Fred Ferand sent us some photos of Duncan in Marseille, France. Still ripping.

FOSSJ #7 – FRENCH OLD SCHOOL SKATE JAM Brand new 'crete just opened up in France with this skateable art piece designed and constructed by Korean artist Koo Jeong-A. Called Vassiviere Skatepark it is the first phosphorescent bowl around. It's located smack dab in the middle of an open air Read More
O'Mahoney Mondays O’MAHONEY MONDAYS: T.A.Z. 1975 saw the first and best skate art from Jim Evans (aka T.A.Z). Evans' early work in the 1960's included comic strips for the L.A. Free Press. He also drew Slow Death Funnies and Tales From The Tube collaborating with Rick Griffin. This beauty is the Read More
FDR SKATEPARK A Visual History FDR A VISUAL HISTORY Big ups to our buddies from Philly Nicholas Orso, Phil Jackson, and Scott Kmiec who put together a book that chronicles the history of the hardcore DIY movement that is FDR. You can see it from every angle and every line. Won't scratch your itch to skate Read More
Skateistan SKATEISTAN The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan is being released in the UK on Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at TCOLondon. Skateistan founder Oliver Percovich will be in attendance to discuss the future and history of this project. See all of the information below. - Read More
POP QUIZ: DANIEL CREADON – FACTORY 13 Name, Rank and Serial number. Daniel Creadon. Owner / worker / volunteer / designer / skater Where were you born and raised? I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and was raised on the East Side of Cleveland. When and how did you get introduced to skateboarding? At Read More
80's Road Rash Cover O’MAHONEY MONDAYS: JIM PHILLIPS Here is the cover of Roadrash comics 1988. As you can see, skater etiquette hasn't changed much in 22 years, and the 'Skate or Die' theme still rules. This magazine was produced by Richard Novak of Santa Cruz Skateboards. The artwork is by Jim Phillips. Read More
Fronside Over Crook at West Maui Skatepark | Photo: MJR HAWAI’I WITH HEIMANA REYNOLDS The Maui Skatepark that Grindline just put in Lahaina a couple months back has been getting some serious talent to grind her coping. One of those rippers is 2011 World Cup Skateboarding Am Bowl Champ Heimana Reynolds. Check him out at Maui Skatepark and Read More
Bob Burnquist X GAMES XVIII – LOS ANGELES x Games has been heating up in Downtown Los Angeles and the results are in for Big Air, Game of Sk8 and Womens Street. BIG AIR FINALS X Games Los Angeles 2012: Skateboard Big Air Final Results Final standings from the Skateboard Big Air competition Read More
Jim O'Mahoney O’MAHONEY MONDAYS: MEET THE O For all you newbies, I'm the guy doing all the ancient shit. I used to be made out of rubber, like you guys, but when you get old, your whole body turns into a boner. This is a picture I took into the mirrored front door at Skateboard Magazine in 1975. Read More
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