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JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS 66 CD REVIEWS 66 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #66 BROKEN BOTTLES, Hospital (TKO Records) The Broken Bottles definitely grabbed my attention with this one. These guys are on the up and coming trail of destruction in the punk rock and roll scene. With songs like “Generation Read More
JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS 65 CD REVIEWS 65 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #65 ADRENALIN O.D., The Wacky Hi- Jinks of… (Chunksaah Records) A.O.D. was one of those epic punk/ hardcore bands that really got overlooked by the so-called historians of that scene. Hailing from New Jersey in the Read More
JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS 64 CD REVIEWS 64 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #64 TURBONEGRO, Retox (Cooking Vinyl) No one really expects these guys to mellow out do they? My expectations for anything Turbonegro releases is nothing more than balls out, narcotic-fueled rock perversion. Their 7th Read More
JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS 62 CD REVIEWS 62 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #62 BECK, The Information (Interscope) I am not at all dissatisfied with the newest from Beck. The diversity of the track layout reminds me of Guero, but is funky like Midnite Vultures. There's a sample from Herbie Read More
JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS 61 CD REVIEWS 61 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #61 DUB WAR, Step Ta Dis (Domino Recording Company) Step Ta Dis is four guy’s from Europe take on reggae. Dub reggae mixes with guitar solos, trance beats, and fast-paced smooth reggae raps that melt together to create Read More
JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS 60 CD REVIEWS 60 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #60 DESOLE, A Story to Tell (Abacus) Although more earnest, honest and generally sensitive than, say, the Crüe, their music isn’t as desolate as one may think. Vocalist Lance has the disconcerting ability to sound Read More
JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS 59 CD REVIEWS 59 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #59 THE LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS, Pandelirium (YepRoc) This record thrashes through a variety of different genres of music, giving each song it’s own designation. The lyrics are humorously in touch with current events Read More
JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS 58 CD REVIEWS 58 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS #58 SMUT PEDDLERS, Coming Out (TKO) The fifth release from a band that claims to have started out playing Black Flag and Black Sabbath covers. Smut Peddlers carry on the California punk tradition of the mighty Flag and the Read More
CD REVIEWS 57 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS #57 A.18, Forever After Nothing (Victory) Here's the band that could save Southern California's musical reputation. A.18 takes some influences from serious '80s hardcore. The album's first impression reeks of Minor Threat, early Read More
CD REVIEWS CD REVIEWS 56 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS #56 CAMPFIRE GIRLS, Delongpre (Mootron) This is a CD of previously unreleased material and remastered old material. Good dynamics. A lot of anger in the pain. If you like the Pixies or Sunny-Day Real Estate, you'll like the Read More
CD REVIEWS 55 CD REVIEWS 55 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS #55 THE BODIES, Firepower is Our Business (TKO) These guys like to put on black eye makeup and to tell you the truth, I think they might have been a bit drunk when they did it, because it's smeared all over their faces. Besides Read More
CD REVIEWS 54 JUICE MAGAZINE ISSUE 54 CD REVIEWS DILATED PEOPLES, Expansion Team Samohi. Ninth grade gym class, 10 years ago. Non-Suit. Everyday. In the gym’s bleachers. A paper towel roll. Bounce fabric softener on one end, our mouths blowing pot smoke through Read More
CD REVIEWS 53 CD REVIEWS 53 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE 53 BLOOD FOR BLOOD, Wasted Youth Brew (Victory) There’s no way you’ve had enough of these guys. Their Boston blue-collar brand of hardcore brings together the sound of Sheer Terror with the attitude of Fear and Read More
CD REVIEWS 52 CD REVIEWS 52 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE 52 APE SOUNDS, Ape Sounds (Mo Wax) Legendary graff artist Futura 2000 did the cover for this CD, whose music feels as random as spontaneously tagging a building. Ape Sounds seems to be a recording studio whose work attracts Read More
CD REVIEWS 51 CD REVIEWS 51 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #51 MUSHMOUTH - Lift the Curse (Triple Crown) Not to be confused with Smashmouth. Yuppie ass denim wearing, sweater sporting, penny loafer with no socks and tucked in shirt idiots would be in for a surprise if they Read More
CD REVIEWS 50 CD REVIEWS 50 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #50 AVAIL - One Wrench (Fat Wreck Chords) Avail rock out so good I can't help but love their music. If I was told 10 years ago that one of my favorite H.C. bands would be outta Richmond and on a West coast label (Lookout! Read More
CD REVIEWS 49 CD REVIEWS 49 JUICE MAGAZINE ISSUE #49 CD REVIEWS TOMMY GUERRERO - A Little Bit Of Something (Mo Wax) I suppose being a legendary skater just wasn't good enough?! This record is a blend of slow roasted beats, bass playing as good as Marcus Miller and guitar chords Read More
CD REVIEWS CD REVIEWS 48 CD REVIEWS The Dwarves, Come Clean (Epitaph) Finally! They’re still young n’ good lookin’, actually they’re down right gorgeous. A great big, chaotic, sassy ass mess. Still spreading the fuck off & fuck up values, their trademark sound Read More
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