THE NEEDLES X ASG THE NEEDLES ASG OCTOBER 8, 2005 THE SOAPBOX WILMINGTON, NC WORDS AND PHOTOS BY DAN LEVY These are two of the biggest bands in Wilmington and the place was packed. The Needles got the crowd fired up and played a killer set. ASG came on with sonic Read More
REASON TO IGNITE REASON TO IGNITE September 15, 2005 at RED DOG'S WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC PHOTOS and WORDS BY DAN LEVY From the first slam of the snare to the last scream of the guitar, Reason to Ignite played every song in their supersonic set like someone was Read More
Lost Tribe rocked! A rockin' late night party with the appropriate punk rock, rock n roll, thash metal provided by skater rockers Lost Tribe, Nag Chaumpa and Pain Saver. ROUNDWALL ROUNDUP PARTY ROUNDWALL ROUNDUP PARTY APRIL 16, 2005 PHOTOS BY ERIC MARTIN and TERRI CRAFT VIPS: BREWCE MARTIN, PAT CLARK, SERGIE VENTURA, DAVE MAXWELL, JESSE DAVIS, MIKE WEEKS, JIMMY LEAPHART, HENRY GUITERREZ, MARK GEE, CHARLES HARMON, STACY SMINKS, PAINSAVER, Read More
MOTORHEAD MOTORHEAD LEMMY KILMISTER OF MOTORHEAD INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY DAN LEVY Why are you such the bad ass rock n’ roller? Because it’s fun. Nobody ever offered me any real work. You’ve been going at it a long time now. Yeah, something like Read More
STEEL PULSE STEEL PULSE INTERVIEW WITH DAVID HINDS INTERVIEW BY DAN LEVY INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY   To be a pioneer, you have to have the audacity to do something that no one has ever done before, while relying on integrity as the navigator, loyalty the co-pilot, Read More
SLASH SLASH INTERVIEW BY COREY PARKS INTRODUCTION BY COREY PARKS PHOTOGRAPHY BY LIZA LEEDS   If you don't know who this guy is, then you've been living in outerspace for the last twenty years. The rockers love him, the punks love him. Behind that mass Read More
HELMET HELMET INTERVIEW WITH PAGE HAMILTON INTERVIEW BY DAN LEVY INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY   Precision power and melodic tyranny made Helmet stand out in the early years. And that was only the beginning. Page Hamilton has added many chapters to his musical Read More
DUANE PETERS DUANE PETERS INTERVIEW BY IAN MACKAYE INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY GLEN E. FRIEDMAN AND TED TERREBONNE   Credibility is defined by adoring respect, coupled with indestructible integrity. Within the realms of music and skateboarding live two pioneers Read More
WASHINGTON STREET SKATEPARK FUNDRAISER WASHINGTON STREET SKATEPARK FUNDRAISER JAN 14, 2005 PHOTOS BY DAN LEVY sponsored by Electric Visual Eyewear, Juice Magazine, Revolver and The Amerikan Project... SoCal punk n' roll destroyers KILLING CALIFORNIA and Wilmington, NC's longtime rock n' roll Read More
COREY PARKS photos by Ted Terrebonne COREY PARKS INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY TED TERREBONNE   Corey Parks is a bad ass. From her start with Nashville Pussy to her current line-up with Duane Peters and The Hunns, Corey has made a credible name for herself. Grab Read More
CACTI WIDDERS - TOM KNOX photos by Seth Hum CACTI WIDDERS INTERVIEW WITH TOM KNOX INTERVIEW BY SAMUEL CHOWDHRY PHOTOS BY SETH HUM   During the early '90s, one skater dominated the street skating scene, often beating numerous top pros and winning the second NSA pro contest he entered – Chicago Read More
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES photos by Pat Myers and Ryan Tate SUICIDAL TENDENCIES INTERVIEW WITH MIKE MUIR INTERVIEW BY JAY ADAMS INTRODUCTION BY JAY ADAMS PHOTOS BY PAT MYERS AND RYAN TATE   Suicidal Tendencies started in the early 80's in the Pagoda house in Venice Beach. Me and Mike Muir have been friends for years Read More
GEORGE CLINTON photo by Marcy G GEORGE CLINTON INTERVIEW BY DAN LEVY INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTO BY MARCY G   What happens when you mix punk, funk, rock, jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, classical and the kitchen sink? You get a one-of-kind musician - George Clinton. Thinking outside Read More
BO DIDDLEY BO DIDDLEY INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON   BO knows, EVERYTHING, About BO... It's in the groove, the beat, the drum, the chops, the square... what can one say? Bo is the man... Hey, Bo Diddley. Yeah, Steve. How are you Read More
Claus Grabke photos by Gerd Reiger CLAUS GRABKE INTERVIEW BY DAN LEVY INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY GERD REIGER   Claus Grabke - the man, the myth, the legend... From Titus to Monster Magazine, Thrasher, Powell/Peralta, Madrid and Santa Cruz, he's seen it all... From his socially Read More
j Jonny Manak JONNY MANAK INTERVIEW BY JASON JESSEE Why don’t more people call Michael Jackson, Mike Jackson? Maybe we should call Jonny Manak, Jon Manak. He’s somethin’ else. He’s got the right lust for life. In the words of D.P., “Let the gayness begin....”  Read More
HOMIEPALOOZA HOMIEPALOOZA RUSTY'S SURF RANCH SANTA MONICA PIER - SANTA MONICA, CA September 27th , 2003 photos by Dan Levy featuring N-9, Left Hand Side, Horny Toad, and Sancho's Revenge a benefit for the Boys and Girls Club and the Surfrider Foundation... Read More
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