Jordan in the Punk Shack | photo - David Markey WE GOT P0WER Immortal are the words of Black Flag, if only in the inked bars or scars that grace your flesh. Along with Black Flag bands like the Circle Jerks, the Minutemen, Redd Kross, Youth Brigade, D.R.I. and Suicidal Tendencies cajoled chaotic individuality across Read More
Teenage Bottlerocket POP QUIZ: TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET BAND NAME Teenage Bottlerocket MUSICIAN Miguel Chen - Bass BAND MATES Brandon Carlisle - DRUMS Kody Templeman - VOCALS, GUITAR Ray Carlisle - VOCALS, GUITAR If I ruled the world for a day I would...give everyone the day off. My mom wanted me Read More
Dirty Filthy Mugs POP QUIZ: DIRTY FILTHY MUGS DIRTY FILTHY MUGS WHEN WAS THE BAND CONCEIVED? MATT: By Ace Facial. WHERE? MATT: In his tiny brain. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? MATT: Northern California CONK: Fresno. TIMBECILE: Earth. JOEY: Providence, Rhode Island. ACE: Van Nuys, California. WHAT Read More
Live Fast Die Fast POP QUIZ: LIVE FAST DIE FAST VOCALIST PAUL TURANO Live Fast Die Fast is Long Island based band of bros that have that old school hardcore mentality of earn what you have and respect what came before you. No fronts with this band. They're committed and drive out an aggressive and resounding riff every Read More
Royal Headache POP QUIZ: ROYAL HEADACHE oyal Headache hit our desk a couple months back and after summer hit it finally made sense. Tailored to the pop punk crowd, these Australians rip, whine and wail for 12 tracks. It's a quick 26 minute album that doesn't ask you to open mind any farther Read More
Pitchfork Music Festival 2012 PITCHFORK MUSIC FESTIVAL 2012 The Pitchfork Music Festival is coming up on July 13-15 at Chicago's Union Park. Single Day passes are available for $45/day. Full Schedule for all three days is below. To purchase tickets and for more information on the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival, Read More
Who Shot Rock & Roll? The Ramones WHO SHOT ROCK & ROLL Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 to the Present, organized by the Brooklyn Museum with guest curator and author Gail Buckland, is the first major museum exhibit on rock and roll to spotlight the creative and collaborative role that photographers Read More
Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant SEX PISTOLS – PRETTY VACANT – 35 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 7 INCH We subscribe to the Sex Pistols Bulletin because we like quippy intros like "This is the Pretty Vacünt press release. Thank you." - John Lydon. This month's newsletter told us the 35th anniversary of "Pretty Vacant" is coming Monday July 2, 2012. To Read More
Hank 3 HANK3 Announces Third Leg of U.S. Tour Hank3 has announced the third leg of his 2012 U.S. tour. The first two legs of the tour have been packed at each stop, so don't sleep on tickets.  The next leg of the tour kicks off on August 10th in Fort Worth, TX at the Rail Club, and will blaze Read More
Agnostic Front & Madball Live at CBGBs Album AGNOSTIC FRONT & MADBALL JULY 5 IN NYC Just got word that Agnostic Front will be doing a show on July 5, 2012 in NYC. Don't miss it. Not only will Agnostic be celebrating 30 years of their fuck you spirit, they'll be taking the stage with Madball (and others not announced yet). It'll be a Read More
The Hives | Photo: Annika Berglund POP QUIZ: Nicholaus Arson of THE HIVES NAME Nick "The Wizkid" Arson BAND NAME The Hives MEMBERS Vigilante Carlstroem Dr. Matt Destruction Chris Dangerous Howlin Pelle Almqvist CONCEIVED ON Planet Earth Name, Rank, Serial Number? Nick Arson, Highest Rank, No. 001. Where Read More
Expire The Pendulum Swings EXPIRE – THE PENDULUM SWINGS LP & TEE GIVEAWAY Big Thanks to Expire & Bridge 9 Records  for giving away this Expire - The Pendulum Swings vinyl LP and T-Shirt. Here’s how the giveaway works. Below you will find a form that tells you what’s up for grabs, numbers of entrants and how Read More
Side One Dummy Warped Tour Giveaway SIDE ONE DUMMY WARPED TOUR COMP GIVEAWAY Big Thanks to Side One Dummy Records for today's prize pack complete with a signed copy of the Warped Tour Compilation CD & Poster, Title Fight’s last release “Shed”, We Are The Ocean’s 2011 effort “Go Now and Live” and Anti-Flag’s last Read More
RED KROSS | Photo: Jonathan Krop RED KROSS NEW ALBUM AFTER 15 YEARS OF SILENCE Red Kross announced they're going to release a new album via Merge Records on August 7, 2012. After 15 years of nothing from the 34-year-old veteran LA Punk band, we couldn't be more hyped. They're still holding true to that vintage sound that's so hard Read More
Zebidy Tank of Drop Tank DOWNLOAD DROP TANK’S ‘DOMINA’ ALBUM Domina by Drop Tank Chick fronted bands that can maintain a good sound and not lose their identity to some kind of shrieking banshee possession are few and far between, but we found one. Aussie rockers Drop Tank use Zebidy Tanks vocal restraint to Read More
Delicious Vinyl May Day Giveaway DELICIOUS VINYL GIVEAWAY Big thanks to DELICIOUS VINYL for giving away this T Shirt and Turntable Slip Mats Here’s how the giveaway works. Below you will find a form that tells you what’s up for grabs, numbers of entrants and how many entries you could possibly get. Follow Read More
Art of Rap ART OF RAP Glen E. Friedman forwarded us the trailer for Art of Rap, a documentary on the roots, rhymes and righteousness behind the Hip Hop culture and one of its 5 key pillars, rap. For those of you who don't know Hip Hop was birthed for a lot of the same reasons Read More
The Stitches The Bodies Smogtown and Amoebas @ BEAUTY BAR THE STITCHES, THE BODIES, SMOGTOWN & AMOEBAS @ PUNK ROCK BOWLING Are you going to Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling? We just got an update from Modern Action Records about a show at the Beauty Bar in Downtown Las Vegas where you'll get to see THE STITCHES, THE BODIES, SMOGTOWN and AMOEBAS all in one night. It's going down Read More
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