November 13, 2009
House of Blues, San Diego, CA
Photos by DJ Farley

BEBE BUELL BEBE BUELL INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY IVORY SERRA A princess, a queen, a mom...  A rocker, a model, a singer... Live, like you know what is best for you. Sing what it is that you know, and love what you know, and the Read More
T.S.O.L. T.S.O.L. INTERVIEW WITH JACK GRISHAM INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON   The governor as he should be... Let the people speak, and be heard. Hearing the words of the vocalist... Do we hear them, or just the music behind it? It, Read More
BOOTSY COLLINS BOOTSY COLLINS INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON   Bring it to the one...The original one, that is...That's Bootsy, baby, the only one. What's that you got on? Oh, it's just another original piece, from Bootsy. Hit it hard, and mean it, Read More
TIM KERR TIM KERR INTERVIEW WITH TIM KERR of the BIG BOYS INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY DAVE COHENOUR and TIM C.   Don't worry, son. The man will tell if he's from TEXAS. D.I.Y.: Stands for 'Did It Yesterday'... Tim Kerr stands Read More
NEGATIVE APPROACH NEGATIVE APPROACH INTERVIEW WITH JOHN BRANNON INTERVIEW BY FLO BRAUN INTRODUCTION BY FLO BRAUN PHOTOS BY FLO BRAUN   Negative Approach burst out of the old Detroit punk rock scene and is considered, by many, to be one of the greatest hardcore bands of all Read More
MATT HENSLEY MATT HENSLEY INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTO BY DAN LEVY AND BLACK LABEL SKATEBOARDS   ATTENTION! At ease... Soldiers... Against the grain, again and again... Following the path of one's own thoughts... Setting a standard Read More
HANK WILLIAMS III HANK 3 INTERVIEW WITH HANK WILLIAMS III INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY NICOLE TAMMARO   Hillbilly-Rebel-Speed-Metal-Maniac... One from the Heart, that's not Cheating... True to his roots, more so than most can Read More
Cheetah Chrome CHEETAH CHROME INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY JOHN NIKOLAI   Cheetah Chrome: Always a Dead Boy, Dead or Alive, Livin' proof, the good don't Always die young... Leader of a pack...And as a matter of fact... Cheetah Chrome Read More
MISS MERCY - THE GTO'S MISS MERCY: THE GTO’S INTERVIEW WITH MISS MERCY INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY DAN LEVY   Miss Mercy, Trip, but get up, there's a lot more to come... When they say 'been there, done it' it kinda applies to Miss Mercy... From Read More
PHIL ALVIN - THE BLASTERS PHIL ALVIN: THE BLASTERS INTERVIEW WITH PHIL ALVIN INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY DAN RILEY AND GARY LEONARD   Try to understand what IT is. Music-numbers-living-art-life... Phil Alvin is just that, living life. From one question Read More
SEYMOUR DUNCAN SEYMOUR DUNCAN INTERVIEW BY JAMES O'MAHONEY INTRODUCTION BY JAMES O'MAHONEY PHOTOS BY JAMES O'MAHONEY AND ROBERT KNIGHT   Doing an interview with Seymour Duncan could easily end up as a book. His tally of major life experiences would create volumes. Here Read More
BREAKDOWN BLACK N BLUE BOWL 2008 BLACK N BLUE BOWL 2008 APRIL 5, 2008 at STUDIO B BROOKLYN, NY PHOTOS BY Manny Mares C. Black N Blue Productions, Inc. The Black N Blue Bowl, formerly known as the SuperBowl of Hardcore, is one event you don't ever want to miss. Black N Blue Productions Read More
FRONTSIDE FIVE FRONTSIDE FIVE INTERVIEW WITH SHANE HENRY INTERVIEW BY DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY HECTOR AND MATT GILLEN   Let's start at the beginning. When were you born? I was born on November 16, 1981, in Durango, CO. There's a skatepark there. Yeah, there is. They Read More
CHRIS CORNELL CHRIS CORNELL INTERVIEW BY JEFF HO INTRODUCTION BY JEFF HO PHOTOS BY MAX VADUKUL and LISA HILL   Noted for being the frontman of the super groups, Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog, Chris Cornell has gone solo. This is a brief glimpse into Read More
BEASTIE BOYS BEASTIE BOYS INTERVIEW WITH ADAM YAUCH INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY JENNIFER HALL AND VANYA EDWARDS   Kick it... Turn up the bass... Now the guitars, wait a minute... no guitars. Oops... Now jazz hands...Dosie doe your Read More
ANGRY SAMOANS ANGRY SAMOANS INTERVIEW BY FLORIAN BRAUN INTRODUCTION BY FLORIAN BRAUN PHOTOS BY FLORIAN BRAUN   If you don't know the Angry Samoans, then you've never listened to punk rock or hardcore music, or you've been living in a galaxy far, far beyond... If you Read More
THE CULT - IAN ASTBURY THE CULT INTERVIEW WITH IAN ASTBURY INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY NEIL COOPER   NOW is the time. What we've done, is done. What we do now, that is the question... Ian is this process... Life is a journey. Some trip, Read More
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