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BRUCE IRONS BRUCE IRONS INTERVIEW BY DIBI FLETCHER PHOTOS BY HERBIE FLETCHER   In the winter of '91 during a big west swell, Herb left the Pipeline for Hanalei, where the conditions were perfect for the Bay. While on Kauai, he spent some time filming the local kids Read More
AMERICAN HARDCORE - STEVE BLUSH AMERICAN HARDCORE INTERVIEW WITH STEVEN BLUSH INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS COURTESY OF SONY PICTURES CLASSICS American Hardcore - Core to the beliefs of the soldiers that made up a scene for themselves, for others to agree with and join, or not... A movement Read More
SANTA CRUZ VETS SANTA CRUZ VETS TOUR WORDS BY TOM KNOX PHOTOS BY JEFF DUNCAN & JOHN CROUCH   I had been sitting around my house suffering through a heat wave that saw temperatures hit 113 degrees for two weeks straight, when I got a call from Santa Cruz Skateboards. Paul Read More
METALLICA METALLICA INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT TRUJILLO INTERVIEW BY JEFF HO INTRODUCTION BY JEFF HO PHOTOS BY ANTON CORBIN and JEFF YEAGER   Growing up on the West Side (LA), where people kill each other for being from the wrong zip code, Robert has managed Read More
LAHIKI OLA MINAMISHIN LAHIKI OLA MINAMISHIN INTERVIEW BY JEFF HO INTRODUCTION BY JEFF HO PHOTOS BY JEFF HO   Dubbed 'Little Man' by his coach Christian Budroe, Lahiki, the NSSA Hawaii State Surf champion, is known for his smooth style of surfing. He conducts himself with the style Read More
Joan Jett JOAN JETT INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY CODY SMYTH and MICHAEL RUBENSTEIN   A Girl, a Runaway, a Blackheart, What some call a rock star... I would think someone who is true to herself, passionate about what she believes, Read More
Eddie Reategui EDDIE REATEGUI INTERVIEW BY CHRISTIAN HOSOI INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY CHICKEN AND RAY ZIMMERMAN   Christian and Eddie have been very close friends for a long time and this interview is an open book to their experiences together. They have been Read More
MARC CORBETT DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE: MARC CORBETT INTERVIEW WITH MARC CORBETT INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY INTRODUCTION BY JIM MURPHY PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROB NELSON AND DAN LEVY   In Wanchese, where you can build a huge wooden bowl with pool coping in your backyard, Marc Corbett feels right at home, Read More
Willie Deville WILLIE DEVILLE INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON   Style--Attitude--Passion... In it: till death do us Part. Dig it--Live it--Be it... Love it--With it--In it... A real white black man. One of a kind, never to be duplicated, not possible. Read More
Wanda Jackson WANDA JACKSON INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS COURTESY OF WANDA JACKSON ENTERPRISES   One, if not the first Lady of Rock n' Roll. A lil' history for the ones that don't know, Information for the ones that care. Some things Read More
Tommmy Guerrero TOMMY GUERRERO INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY BRYCE KANIGHTS   A kid from the streets of the City, S.F. is the city. The date: Some time ago. From leaving school to becoming professional, skateboarder that is, winning and Read More
Steve Steadham STEVE STEADHAM INTERVIEW BY CHRISTIAN HOSOI INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY LESTER KASAI AND SK8SESSION.COM   From Vegas to LA, from the Bones Brigade to Steadham Skates Industries, Steve Steadham has persevered with natural creativity and talent. Read More
MARK HUBBARD DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE: MONK HUBBARD GRINDLINE SKATEPARKS INTERVIEW WITH MONK HUBBARD INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY INTRODUCTION BY JIM MURPHY   With a long history of skateboarding all over the country and hopping freight trains, Monk made a lot of friends and earned the reputation Read More
COOKIEHEAD JENKINS COOKIEHEAD JENKINS INTERVIEW BY CHRISTIAN HOSOI INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY TED TERREBONNE and DAN BOURQUI   Darren “Cookiehead” Jenkins is one of the nicest people in skateboarding. he always has a smile on his face and he spreads the love and Read More
CHRIS MILLER CHRIS MILLER INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY INTRODUCTION BY LANCE MOUNTAIN PHOTOS BY GRANT BRITTAIN and GEORGE MEDINA   When it came to designing Chris Miller, he, as a skateboarder, has all the aspects of the best engineered most expensive sports car. His Read More
BUCK SMITH BUCK SMITH INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY INTRODUCTION BY CURT "MEAGER" BAKER PHOTOS BY CHRIS CAPO   If you named your son Buck, you probably wanted him to have an adventurous life. Hopefully, he'd be a southern man who travels around the country and to Read More
PRO-TEC POOL PARTY 2 PRO-TEC POOL PARTY 2 VANS SKATEPARK ORANGE, CA MAY 14, 2006 PHOTOS BY TED TERREBONNE PHOTOS BY DAN LEVY WORDS BY JIM MURPHY The Vans combi bowl contest is not about competition. It's about a gathering of a family of skateboarders, a special breed Read More
TOM KNOX TOM KNOX INTERVIEW BY ERIC DRESSEN INTRODUCTION BY ERIC DRESSEN PHOTOS BY TED TERREBONNE and GREG HALL   Tom Knox is a master of all terrain. From his early years, he pushed the limits of street skating with new trick variations that had never been Read More
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