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BRUNO PASSOS BRUNO PASSOS INTERVIEW BY DAVE DUNCAN INTRODUCTION BY DAVE DUNCAN PHOTOS BY DAN BOURQUI   Bruno Passos was big part of the scene of skaters that came out of Brazil in the late '80s and early'90s. Growing up, he skated the streets and bowls of Rio de Read More
BRAD BOWMAN BRAD BOWMAN INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY CRAIG FINEMAN   When one rips, most know it, Bowman knew it. And all of his peers as well. With a life as a skateboarder, back in the day, that is, everything seemed GREAT. Read More
BILL DANFORTH BILL DANFORTH INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY INTRODUCTION BY JIM MURPHY PHOTO BY GREG FADELL   My first vivid memory of Danforth was sitting in the Turf parking lot and watching Chris Baucom wrestle him down and drawing the word “HATE” on his forehead after Read More
BEASTIE BOYS BEASTIE BOYS INTERVIEW WITH ADAM YAUCH INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY JENNIFER HALL AND VANYA EDWARDS   Kick it... Turn up the bass... Now the guitars, wait a minute... no guitars. Oops... Now jazz hands...Dosie doe your Read More
ANGRY SAMOANS ANGRY SAMOANS INTERVIEW BY FLORIAN BRAUN INTRODUCTION BY FLORIAN BRAUN PHOTOS BY FLORIAN BRAUN   If you don't know the Angry Samoans, then you've never listened to punk rock or hardcore music, or you've been living in a galaxy far, far beyond... If you Read More
ALEX FLORENCE ALEX FLORENCE INTERVIEW BY DIBI FLETCHER PHOTOS BY HERBIE FLETCHER AND ALLEN MOZO Hi, Alex. This is Dibi. Did the boys get off to school okay? [Laughs] Yeah, they were all like, 'Mom, we can't wait to see Dibi.' Oh, that's really nice. So, I might as well ask, Read More
WEZ LUNDRY WEZ LUNDRY INTERVIEW BY RAY STEVENS II INTRODUCTION BY RAY STEVENS II PHOTOS BY JOE HAMMEKE   Chris 'Wez' Lundry has been a fixture in skateboarding for years. The man is from Seattle, Washington and currently resides in Arizona, Washington and sometimes Read More
TOM TOM “WALLY” INOUYE INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY GLEN E. FRIEDMAN and JON YUNKER   Surf to skate, skate to surf... The way it is, the way it always will be, for some. You can add snowboarding to the list as well. This is the Read More
THE CULT - IAN ASTBURY THE CULT INTERVIEW WITH IAN ASTBURY INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY NEIL COOPER   NOW is the time. What we've done, is done. What we do now, that is the question... Ian is this process... Life is a journey. Some trip, Read More
JAMES WILSEY JAMES WILSEY INTERVIEW WITH JAMES WILSEY OF THE AVENGERS INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY JEROEN DE WAAL   Compute this: Original, tasteful, cool, stylish, classic... Jimmy Wilsey comes from something... something most can't Read More
RONNIE O'NEAL RONNIE O’NEAL INTERVIEW BY JEFF HO INTRODUCTION BY JEFF HO PHOTO BY ROB NELSON   Who's hot? Ronnie O'Neal is. He's one of the hottest groms from the East Coast. Skating bowls and pools for most of his life, he's blowing down doors and skating over them, Read More
RABBIT KEKAI RABBIT KEKAI INTERVIEW BY JEFF HO INTRODUCTION BY JEFF HO PHOTOS BY TOM SERVAIS and DON JAMES   RABBIT IS THE MAN... As as child, he was Duke Kanahamoku protege in surfing and canoe paddling. He grew up in Waikiki riding the finless redwood boards and was Read More
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE INTERVIEW WITH JOEY CASTILLO INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY MATTHEW FIELD   Pound the drum, M.F. Beat the drum, M.F. Destroy all drums...M.F. This is what comes to mind when thinking of Joey C's playin', Read More
PRO-TEC POOL PARTY 3 PRO-TEC POOL PARTY 3 WORDS BY JIM MURPHY PHOTOS BY DAN LEVY, ARAB, ERIC MARTIN AND KYLE BUNKER From one year to the next it is unbelievable how the lines and tricks get gnarlier and gnarlier in the unforgiving combi pool. Old veterans and young upstarts show Read More
PAT NGOHO PAT NGOHO INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY RAY ZIMMERMAN   Style is not a thing from the past. Sometimes it might seem that way, but that is easily dismissed when one has the chance of seeing Pat Ngoho ride. Maybe it does Read More
MARK GONZALES MARK GONZALES INTERVIEW BY CHRISTIAN HOSOI INTRODUCTION BY LANCE MOUNTAIN ART BY MARK GONZALES   Skateboarding, as we see it now, has been influenced and formed by a series of events that had someone at its cause. The effect is the change, growth and development Read More
TOM SERVAIS TOM SERVAIS INTERVIEW BY DIBI FLETCHER INTRODUCTION BY DIBI FLETCHER PHOTOS BY TOM SERVAIS   Tom Servais was just getting ready for a deep sand run at Waimea when I caught him on his cell phone. He'd been on the North Shore since the beginning of November Read More
KEVIN ANDERSON AKA THE WORM KEVIN “THE WORM” ANDERSON INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE WORM   Big - Bigger - Huge... In a world of hype, some get it, some don't, some need it, some don't, get it, Good... Kevin Anderson is like Coke... The real thing... Read More
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