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The CA family of brands is pleased to announce the formation of our new event and production company. Founded by Brian Harper and Jeff Jewett, CA PROductions (CAP) will handle all aspects of event production, promotion, athlete relations, and sport organizing for many current and upcoming action sports events, most notably the 2013 Summer X Games. CAP will be the official skateboard sport organizer for all four of the 2013 X Games events taking place worldwide in Brazil, Spain, Germany and Los Angeles. CAP will manage all aspects of athlete selection committees, selection of judges, formats, and judging criteria for all skateboard events. CAP will work closely with CA RampWorks in the design of all X Games skate courses to ensure a seamless integration between design, format, athlete selection, and judging criteria.

CA PROductions has partnered with some of the most talented and respected people in the skateboard industry to ensure success in this new venture. Ryan Clements, Mimi Knoop, Dave Metty, and Mike Sinclair will all be playing key roles in CAP’s sport-organizing portion of X Games.

Ryan Clements spent over a decade producing and organizing skateboard events for SPOT Productions and Skatepark of Tampa. Ryan will put his years of experience to good use at CA PROductions by being involved with all aspects of sport organizing on a global level. Ryan will also play a large part in the production of a behind-the-scene web series documenting CA RampWorks/CA PROductions role in producing X Games.

Mimi Knoop, professional skateboarder and co-founder of Hoopla skateboards, will serve as Director of Women’s Events and will work with CA PROductions and the Alliance in the management of all aspects of the women’s skate events.

Mike Sinclair, X Games Real Street creator/director and Sr. Course Design Consultant, will continue to consult on course design and be an integral part of all skateboard events.

Dave Metty, Director of Digital Media at Camp Woodward, will act as Head Judge and organize the elite panel of CA PROductions judges.

Mike Sinclair, Steve Caballero, Paul Zitzer, Christian Hosoi, Jason Rothmeyer, Kevin Staab, Lance Mountain, Buster Halterman, Jesse Fritch, and Neal Hendrix will continue to work with CA PROductions and will be joined by a very creditable cast of street and park legends to fill the judges seats in upcoming events.

“The best thing about this panel of professional judges is they don’t necessarily do this for the money.  These guys take on this sometimes tedious and unrewarding task because they truly want to get the best possible results due to their lifelong dedication and love of skateboarding,” commented Brian Harper, Director of Operations.

“We have had an overwhelming response of support pouring in from athletes, promoters, team managers, and industry personnel about this new organization,” said Jeff Jewett, Director of Sport and Competition. “We are stoked to have such a talented group of people come together and create a solid foundation to help build and improve skateboard events worldwide.”


CA Productions

2777 Loker Avenue W. Ste.D

Carlsbad, CA 92010


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