Bones Brigade Series 10 Decks World-Wide Release

The fan selected, Bones Brigade series 10 decks world-wide

public release is at 12:01am PST Thursday, March 15th.

Check out your favorite skateshop, or head here to pre-order

  • CAB Red, never re-issued shape, never re-issued before
  • Mullen Natural, never re-issued before
  • McGill Blue, never re-issued before
  • Guerrero Blue, never re-issued before
  • Mountain Red, never re-issued before
  • Hawk White, never re-issued before

When the first Bones Brigade deck series was offered in 2012, in conjunction with the “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” film, the Bones Brigade also offered a few other items. Some of you contacted Powell Peralta and asked them to offer some of the items again, so they made a limited run of a few items: cap, t-shirts and sticker. The Bones Brigade also recently created a poster that features all ten deck series.

Bones Brigade Limited Edition Poster. Only 1,000 produced. Since the release of Bones Brigade : An Autobiography, there have been ten Bones Brigade deck series. This poster showcases each series in the order it was released, with year date listed. It will look great on any wall.

When the film was first released we also offered these items. HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? Available at fine skateboard suppliers world wide.

For more, check out the Bones Brigade NEWS

Stacy Peralta back in 1978 with the BBC

Great podcast with Rodney Mullen

Late last year, Steve Caballero talked about his Powell-Peralta Flight deck

Tony Hawk and his son Riley talk skateboarding

Lance Mountain interview with Steve Olson in JUICE

Mike McGill was recently interviewed on the Dangerous Darrin Show, starts at 14:13 -30:30

Stay connected to the Bones Brigade via social media. Bookmark the Bones Brigade Facebook page for everything from classic photos to updates on the guys. Always post your Bones Brigade-related photos on Instagram with #bonesbrigade.

If you haven’t yet, please share your thoughts of the film at

Check out more rad offerings from Skate One here:


Skate Aid supports kids in areas of conflict and deprivation by bringing skateboarding to their communities. In times of adversity skateboarding brings unity, equality and a stable social environment enabling great growth in self confidence, self worth and most importantly good times. Every little help can change something for these kids and transform a community and the future of it. Supplying skateboards, skate equipment, and building new skateparks are the main tools to provide education for a brighter, safer future.



G-Slides 59mm


Cobra Deck
8.5 x 32.08


Flight Deck Shape 192
9.265 x 32


Skull & Sword T-shirt


Gray Beanie


Super REDS®
Skate Rated


Shield Snapback


Swiss Shield T-Shirt


Reyes ‘Eyeball’ STF
54mm 103A


Chester T-shirt


Pappy Cap


Sub Assembly
8.38″ Trucks
53mm 101a Wheels
ML Bearings

Be sure to also check out the Skate One Specials page for additional savings.

Skate One® has been engineering, manufacturing and distributing high quality skateboard products for over forty years.

All Powell-Peralta® re-issue, longboard and classic decks are made in the USA at our own skateboard manufacturing factory in Santa Barbara, CA using U.S. hard rock maple, AirLam fused with Type 1 glue and are warranted against delamination for their useful life. Flight decks are made Powell Golden Dragon®, Powell-Peralta® Mini, Mini Logo®, hoopla® and most of our Powell-Peralta popsicle decks are made the same way we do in Santa Barbara but with our partner in China.

BONES WHEELS®, Powell-Peralta®, and some Mini Logo™ wheels are made in the USA at our own Santa Barbara, CA wheel manufacturing facility using our superior urethane technologies and procedures. PGD, PP mini, hoopla®, and some Mini Logo® wheels are made with our partner to our demanding specifications and then tested during production to ensure consistently high quality.


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