Official trailer for 2013 Black N Blue Bowl, aka Superbowl Of Hardcore, featuring MIKE JUDGE.

New York Hardcore will be showcased at Webster Hall NYC in the annual brawl A.K.A. the Black N Blue Bowl, formerly the Superbowl of Hardcore. Two full days of anarchy will feature an appearance by JUDGE, along with NYC hardcore powerhouses Madball and Breakdown. The line-up for Saturday, May 18, 2013 includes No One Rules, Downpresser, Arrabio, Fire & Ice, The Old Firm Casuals, Altercation, Take Offense, District 9, Strife, Black Train Jack, Bane and Breakdown. Sunday, May 19, 2013 the show goes on with Coldside, Blind Justice, Strength Approach, Bitter End, Overthrow (LIHC), Indecision, Crown of Thornz, Kill Your Idols and Madball. Ticket info is available at – TLC



A few weeks ago, BNB Productions announced that the 2013 Black N Bowl was confirmed for May 18th at Webster Hall (the former Ritz) in New York City. Since the Bowl’s long-awaited return to New York City in 2010 (previous editions were in Brooklyn) the combination of the iconic venue and the classic line-up’s have propelled the New York Hardcore scene to a whole different level.

BNB Productions has announced that New York Hardcore legends JUDGE would be headlining the 2013 Black N Blue Bowl, creating a viral explosion and instantly setting the Internet on fire.

During the radio show, Mike Judge, who was joined by Anthony “Civ” Civorelli, said: ”Civ invited me to come see GORILLA BISCUITS play Webster Hall in 2010 and after they performed “New York Crew” I knew right then and there that this was the place where I wanted to stand and see everybody go off to my music.“ Civ added: “I’m more excited than Mike is right now. They said it would never happen and here it is.

As if this long-awaited reunion isn’t amazing enough JUDGE will be joined on stage by BREAKDOWN, BANE, BLACK TRAIN JACK, STRIFE, DISTRICT 9, TAKE OFFENSE, ALTERCATION, OLD FIRM CASUALS, FIRE & ICE, ARRABIO, DOWNPRESSER, NO ONE RULES and a special guest, who will be announced at a later date.

On February 22nd at 10:00am, the online tickets were sold out in a record time of 30 seconds, creating an absolute online frenzy.

Making accommodations for the incredible demand of people wanting to see this reunion, BNB then spearheaded adding a 2nd JUDGE show, scheduled for Sunday, May 19th at Webster Hall. Alongside JUDGE will be MADBALL, KILL YOUR IDOLS, CROWN OF THORNZ, INDECISION, OVERTHROW (LIHC), BITTER END, STRENGTH APPROACH, BLIND JUSTICE and COLDSIDE.

Tickets for the added May 19th show are still available via As always, there will be a limited amount of tickets available for both shows at the door day of the show.

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