Eric Britton Surf Skate Style

SURF SKATE STYLE WITH ERIC "TUMA" BRITTON. INTERVIEW BY DAN LEVY. PHOTO BY DAN LEVY.   When did you first hear of SurfSkate style? I’m not really quite sure. It had to be around ‘87 down in Venice. It was probably Aaron Murray that I first Read More

Don Redondo Surf Skate Style

SURF SKATE STYLE WITH DON REDONDO. INTERVIEW BY JUICE MAGAZINE. PHOTO BY PING.   When did you first hear of SurfSkate style? I didn’t hear of surfskate style until the kneeslide era where guys were more “trick” oriented riding pools more Read More
Merrick Orr

Hail Skatan! Merrick Orr “Skatanic” Video Drop

Skull Skates team rider and Vancouver Island shredder, Merrick Orr, has unveiled his new metal-induced "SKATANIC" video part. Follow him on Instagram @slayorr27 for more Canadian chaos from the dark side and check out more sick clips and flicks of the Read More

Darren Ho Surf Skate Style

SURF SKATE STYLE WITH DARREN HO. INTERVIEW BY JUICE MAGAZINE. PHOTO BY JIM GOODRICH.   When did you first hear of SurfSkate style? At the time, when I heard of SurfSkate, it meant to imitate your favorite surfer and his moves on the wave. Larry Read More

David Hackett Surf Skate Style

SURF SKATE STYLE WITH DAVID HACKETT. INTERVIEW BY JUICE MAGAZINE. PHOTO BY GLEN E. FRIEDMAN.   When did you first hear of SurfSkate style? I first read it in one of the first 1960’s "Quarterly Skateboarder" magazines. It was a term that Jay Read More

Jay Adams Surf Skate Style

SURF SKATE STYLE WITH JAY ADAMS. WORDS BY JAY ADAMS. PHOTO BY WILLIAM SHARP.   “I’m not sure who the first skateboarders were or exactly where they were from, but I’m pretty sure they were surfers from Southern California. But, I wonder Read More

Keith Morris interview by Jeff Ho

KEITH MORRIS Interview by JEFF HO. Photos by DAN LEVY and OLIVIA JAFFE. Keith Morris was at the forefront of punk rock and helped to define the scene, and he’s stayed involved and been working this whole time. From Black Flag to the Circle Read More

Pala Grave Robbers

PALA GRAVE ROBBERS. Words & Photos by DAVE SWIFT. The Grave is often referred to as the final resting place, one in which there is no escape. The remains of a person, place or thing are covered in dirt and most times a marker is left to let others Read More

Patti McGee

PATTI MCGEE Interview by STEVE OLSON Photos courtesy of PATTI MCGEE   The Handstand that was for LIFE... MAGAZINE, that is, pretty cool too... Patti McGee, the blonde on the cover... From the past into the future... One woman's stories Read More

Stacy Peralta in Conversation with Steve Olson

STACY PERALTA INTRODUCTION AND INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON. PHOTOS BY C.R. STECYK III, J. GRANT BRITTAIN,  JIM GOODRICH AND DAN LEVY.   “You’ll never amount to anything” ??? ‘Wait a minute, I’m just a kid’... Surfers and skaters Read More

Juice Magazine 25 Year Anniversary Silver Aces and Community Service Specials

  JUICE MAGAZINE's 25 year anniversary began on November 1, 2018 and we plan to celebrate with you all year long! Thank you for your support over the last two and a half decades! Juice Magazine’s 25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Collection Read More

Chet Childress

Interview by JIM MURPHY Photos by KARIM GHONEM, COBURN HUFF, JONATHAN MEHRING, RHINO, JOE HAMMEKE, RYAN FLYNN AND BEN KARPINSKI Gnarly skater and guerrilla artist, Chet Childress, is an East Coaster who has always stayed true to his roots. Growing Read More

KingFest 2018 Skate Anarchy and Carnage in Texas Hill Country

KingFest 2018 Skate Anarchy and Carnage in Texas Hill Country Review and photos by Lee Leal Pools, pipes and punk rock is upon us. The first weekend of November is here, and that means it’s the 10th annual Doug King “KingFest 2018”. It’s a Texas Read More

Bieringville 25th Annual Halloween Bowl Bash Keeps The Fire Lit

The Bieringville Bowl in South Carolina has been home to plenty of skate family reunions and skate jams filled with good vibes, great times and amazing skateboarding, and the 25th Bieringville Halloween Bowl Bash was yet another day to remember. Due Read More

Burnside Skatepark Celebrates 28 Years of DIY on Halloween

Burnside Skatepark Celebrates 28 Years of DIY on Halloween. Words by Jaymeer. Photos by Jaymeer, Olga Aguilar. and Mike Estes Burnside Skatepark 28 Year Anniversary was a continuing tradition of skateboarding and gathering of locals from every generation Read More

Marginal Way Halloween Skate Jam Benefit

The Halloween Jam at Marginal Way was held on Sunday, October 28th, 2018, and a faulty power generator nor the weather could not stop the madness. Skating raged as ghouls and demons skated for the best trick on the mega cinder block wall and, once power Read More

Stark Lines and Skate Life: French Fred’s Winning Slideshow from Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown 2018

Congrats to French Fred on his win of the 2018 Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown! Celebrating stark lines and skate life, Fred Mortagne combines timeless moments in skateboarding with backdrops of raw architecture backed by the sheer talent and Read More

Halloween Skate Jam Benefit Today at Marginal Way with Best Trick Contest

Marginal Halloween Jam Benefit with Zorched Realm, Haksaw, Scumline, and Downtown on Oct 28, 2018 from 12 PM until dark at Marginal Way Skatepark in Seattle. Best Trick contest on the big Cinder Block Wall. Raffle sponsored by Independent, Read More
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