September 22nd – 24th 2006
South Parc in Montreal (Quebec) Canada

SKATEBOARDERS: Ryan Decenzo, Antoine Asselin, Nick Merlino, Pat Tremblay, Ron Deilly, Will Marshall, Thomas Parent, Matt Miller, Manny Santiago, Collin Hale, Chaz Ortiz

With Year 3 of ZooYork’s Am Getting Paid coming to a close, we are very proud to look back on such a special event with so many great skateboarders. Adding the extra day to the event helped make the contest run smooth and welcomed more amateurs to battle it out for the $15,000 U.S. total prize.

Friday was a very important night for the Underworld skate team, where they had their world premiere for Yesterday’s Future, a video that they have been working on for the last few years. The place was packed, the drinks were full and the skating was next level. For more info and to view the teaser go to

Saturday was day 2 of the contest and displayed some of the best skateboarding all weekend. Magnus Hanson and Nick Merlino were having fun all day and were destroying all obstacles at South Parc. Jordan Hoffart and Keegan Sauder were some of the smoothest and most powerful skateboarders at the contest. Lastly, Chazz Ortiz blew the crowd away with his impressive skills, consistency, and courage. Did we mention he is only 12 years old!

Saturday night was the Ams getting laid party and the Wu Tang’s legendary member Raekwon was headlining. With over 300 people trying to get in to this sold out private party the energy was at an all time high. People chanted the choruses while chef Raekwon ripped the lyrics.

Sunday was the final day of the event and it was time to seperate the men from the boys. Micky Papa was leading throughout the whole semi finals with tricks such as kickflip backside smiths and switch treflips down the stairs. But when the finals came around it was Ryan Decenzo hailing from Vancouver, Canada that took first place position and the hefty cheque home. He had flawless runs all weekend, mixing techness with smoothness on a consistent basis run after run. Taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively were local Antoine Asselin, and Detroit’s Dustin Blauvelt. It would be impossible to name other notables over the weekend since the skating was at such a high level.

Preceeding the contest, Solo Mobile held the best trick on four obstacles. Nick Merlino and Dustin Blauvelt were the only ones hitting the big rail. With a bunch of skateboarders all busting out and getting paid it was Manny Santiago who took home the most money with a huge bag of tricks. Am Getting Paid is an international amateur skateboard event held every year and its mission is to continue to support and promote young amateur skateboarders to the rest of the world. We would like to thank all the skateboarders, sponsors, and parents.

1 – Ryan Decenzo – usd $6000
2 – Antoine Asselin – usd $3000
3 – Dustin Blauvelt – usd $1500
4 – Ben Hatchell
5 – Magnus Hanson
6 – Chazz Ortiz
7 – Collin Hale
8 – Jordan Hoffart
9 – Will Cristofaro
10 – Nick Merlino
11 – Thomas Parent
12 – Matt Berger
13 – Keegan Sauder
14 – Micky Papa
15 – Manny Santiago
Photos by: Benoit Fournier and Blair Alley
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