Interview  by Lentini
Photos by Crash and Lentini

Lentini gets the real from legendary NYHC godfather, AF vocalist  Roger Miret

Seems like a lot of bands today are singing songs about how they hate Guliani, you guys included. Why do you hate him so much?
I feel like Guliani is taking the core out of the apple. He’s taking NY away from New Yorkers- he’s making it nice and safe for everyone to come, and making a nice Disney World, 42nd St. He’s taking the culture out. Unfortunately those women do have to make a living, I’m not against them or for them. Other stuff like dancing in bars. He even destroyed the mafia.  There was something cool about it and he is  taking that away from us New Yorkers.

You don’t think it’s a good thing that he is cleaning it up?
No, I don’t. The truth is he just focused on Manhattan and he’s getting rid of low income to make more room for middle and upper class, have all the tourists come in and its nice and safe, and all the suburbs are being polluted with violence-he doesn’t care about that.  He just focused where the money is. I squatted on the Lower East Side for ten years, the squat was past Avenue A when it was bad.  Like you were either going to get mugged or beat up, but now it’s safe.

Have you ever been in jail?
No (hahaha).

That was a bold no.
Do you really want to know?

OK, yes I have.

How many times?
Let’s just say I have earned an A2 and A3 felony.

What was it for, fights?
No, it was beyond that. It was for big stuff, involving the mafia. I don’t like to talk about it. Let’s just say I’m the only one left alive.

Does having tattoos get you girls?
No, not really, never used it, but probably now, since it is so damn trendy, trendy as fuck.  But I truly think that Agnostic Front was the first heavily tattooed band ever. Then every rock and roll band and their mother got tattooed. We got them because we were street kids and were making a statement, we wanted to be the outcasts of society. But now everyone gets them because they are cute. You don’t know how many girls have said  they like the “Sugar Ray birds” on my hands and neck. They don’t even know they’re swallows.

Are you kidding me?
No, they’re like “where did you get your Sugar Ray birds?” I’m like “what the fuck?”

That’s just wrong.
I wish I would have gotten dirty NYC pigeons instead of swallows. That would be hard as fuck.

You guys are known as NY’s toughest, most badass band. Have you ever gotten your ass kicked?
Not many times.

Can you count it on one hand?
Yeah, maybe even less. We had fights here and there, but we avoid it when we can. I don’t like the whole fighting thing.

I once saw you wear a black beanie on your head for a whole set and it was like 100 degrees in the club. What was the reasoning behind that? Did you get a bad haircut the day before?
(laughs) No, beanies have always been my style. I wet it before I put it on so it actually cools me off. Its just my style, I used to wear the mask, but now Rick (25 Ta Life) does, so I don’t wear that anymore. It was just always my style – beanie, gloves and a chain. I don’t wear the gloves anymore. Raybeez continued the gloves, and the chain just weighs me down.

You should definitely bring the chain back.
I think sometimes I should. it would get me in better shape. It weighed like 15 pounds!


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